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Exception to animal welfare?

Breeding and “use” of houndogs in Spain under scrutinyl

Galgo ©quirbachdogs

The EU Commission is planning a regulation to improve the protection of dogs and cats as pets. Will houndogs like the Galgo in Spain benefit from this – or will these sensitive greyhounds continue to be exempt from animal protection? More here.


What is “Nazi” about Germany’s national flag and national anthem?

A brief dive into history

“Nazi” has become a common insult in Germany, used to denigrate political dissidents. Very few people seem to be aware of the trivialization of the historical role models that this implies. Meanwhile, the insignia of today’s Germany are also associated with the “Third Reich”. More here.

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Canada: Valentine’s Day March against violence

The old case of a woman’s murderer takes on new relevance.

Poster board of 48 missing women ©Vancouver Police Department

Since 1992, indigenous people in the city of Vancouver have been organizing a memorial march on Valentine’s Day for the murdered and missing indigenous women in Canada. Among them, victims of serial killer Robert Pickton. Now the police want to dispose of evidence in unsolved cases. So there will be many marching in Vancouver today. More here.

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Dwarves, a Hitler microphone and a radio museum

On World Radio Day: a journey through time of the German-Polish city of Breslau/Wroclaw

Old radio ©pixabay – makamuki0

With the “Schlesische Funkstunde”, the German city of Wroclaw made radio history before the Second World War. After the war, Wroclaw, now Polish, remained a haven of culture and civil disobedience. The Jewish community was also revived. From my archive on World Radio Day. On February 13, 1946, United Nations Radio broadcast for the first time. More here.

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Symbols for human survival

60 years ago: Rescue of Czech Torah scrolls to London

Celebratory service with tora scrolls ©Louise Morris Photography

1564 Torah scrolls from communist Czechoslovakia were brought to the Westminster Synagogue in London on February 4, 1964. There they were restored and given on permanent loan to Jewish communities all over the world. The Westminster Synagogue and the Memorial Scrolls Trust celebrated the 60th anniversary of their arrival with a celebratory service. More here.

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When Berlin was still truely left-wing

Berlin filmmaker Renate Sami has died.

Renate Sami ©private

Renate Sami

May 1935 – December 24, 2023

Renate Sami lived through ’68 as well as the leaden Germany of the 1970s. And not only witnessed it: she was involved in left-wing political circles. She was not only a filmmaker, but also an actress and screenwriter and knew her way around a camera. More here.

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European resolution against deep sea mining

The EU Parliament backs conservationists’ demands.

Voting result EU-Resolution ©Environmental Justice Foundation

In a vote today, the Parliament of the European Union clearly opposed Norway’s plans for deep-sea mining in the Arctic. Scientists and nature conservation organizations warn of the enormous and incalculable risks that deep-sea mineral extraction poses to marine ecosystems, fish stocks and the ocean’s carbon cycle. More here.

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Against the cruel killing of Spanish hunting dogs

February 1 is World Galgo Day. Appeal to humanity.

In Spain, it is not only bullfighting that is still a tradition. Greyhound races are also held extensively here. The animals are mercilessly exploited by their owners. And sorted out at the end. In February, after the hunting season, tens of thousands of the native galgos die an agonizing death every year. More here.

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Terror against Christians in Nigeria

Guest post by Volker Seitz on the “World Persecution Index” 2024

Altar in Nigeria ©Rebecca Hillauer

Christians are persecuted for their faith in many countries. Every year, the “World Persecution Index” lists the 50 countries in which Christians are most at risk. The Index also describes what persecution and discrimination actually look like and how they affect people. Nigeria is once again in the top places. More here.

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Blue Ribbons for Israel

USA: Campaign in remembrance of the Hamas hostages in Gaza

#BringThemHome, Ribbons for Israel ©Nancy Schwartz-Katz

More than 120 people in Gaza are still being held hostage by Hamas. The nationwide “Blue Ribbons for Israel” campaign in the USA aims to remember them. There are also various regional initiatives. More here.