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Never again war!

Otto Duve: witness of the Second World War and local politician

Otto Duve, born near Hamburg, was 10 when World War II began. Due to his experiences, one thing is important to the now 95 year old: peace. He criticizes politicians who want to make Germany “fit for war”. More here.

Otto Duve ©private
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Note from the road

27 years ago: death of singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley

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On June 4, 1997, the body of Jeff Buckley was found on the banks of the Mississippi. Accident or suicide? He was 30 years old. Unforgotten: his version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.

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“Take this hijab and shove it”

TV host Bill Maher slams hypocrisy in “gender apartheid” speech.

Bill Maher, Real Time, May 31, 2024

“Kids, if you want to change the orld and not just tie up Monday morning traffic, this is the apartheid that desperately needs your attention: the #GenderApartheid.” More here.

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800,000 dead in 100 days

Guest post by Volker Seitz: Rwanda genocide began 30 years ago.

Old man ©yogendras31, Pixabay

From April 7 to July 1994, members of the Hutu majority in Rwanda carried out massacres against the Tutsi minority and opposition Hutus. Under President Paul Kagame and his policy of reconstruction and reconciliation, the country has developed relatively well economically and socially. More here.

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A senseless death

The indigenous community in the USA has another victim to mourn.

Esther Wolfe ©Rebecca Hillauer

In 2019, Esther Wolfe, a member of the Lakota Oglala tribe, was kidnapped by her former partner, held captive for nine days and brutally abused. She survived. Now she has become the victim of a “public execution” in Rapid City in the US state of South Dakota. More here.

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Appeal to US president Joe Biden

March 18: International Day of Political Prisoners

Action Group Indians North America ©Helena Nyberg

The indigenous activist Leonard Peltier has been in prison in the USA for almost five decades and will be 80 years old this year. The European Alliance for the Rights of Indigenous PeopleS is calling for the seriously ill man to be pardoned immediately. The then public prosecutor James Reynolds and a resolution of the Democratic Party are now also calling for this.

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Indigenous women power

Guest post by German Action Group on International Women’s Day

©Medicine Wheel Ride, Austin 2024

In the USA, March is known as “Women’s History Month”. On the one hand, the situation of indigenous women in Canada and the USA is particularly precarious. On the other hand, indigenous women are increasingly manifesting their participation in society as activists and politicians. More here.

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Free Julian Assange

The ruling could come any day now. And what does the EU say?

Julian Assange Mantra © Corona Bavaria

Whistleblower Chelsea, aka Bradley Manning, has long since returned to freedom, while Julian Assange has had to fight for his freedom for thirteen years. The High Court in London will now decide on his extradition. Last week, there was still a debate in the EU Parliament. More here.

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Exception to animal welfare?

Breeding and “use” of houndogs in Spain under scrutinyl

Galgo ©quirbachdogs

The EU Commission is planning a regulation to improve the protection of dogs and cats as pets. Will houndogs like the Galgo in Spain benefit from this – or will these sensitive greyhounds continue to be exempt from animal protection? More here.