A freelancer all my life…

Already while studying social pedagogy, I occasionally wrote articles for the daily “Die Tageszeitung” (taz).

Then I went to Egypt. For the Urban Development Project Aswan of the German Agency for Technical (now, International) Cooperation (GIZ) I worked as a consultant for advancement of women. For seven years. But my childhood dream “journalist” was stronger.

Back in Germany I started writing again. Switched later to radio and have since captured voices and sounds for public broadcasters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. After 25 years in my dream job, I now increasingly publish on my own websites and blogs.

On the road more often and longer…

Once upon a time there was the “Marlboro Man”. A fictional cowboy in the Marlboro commercial. Galloping across the prairie into the sunset with a cigarette in the corner of his mouth. Freedom and adventure… Well, I’m not a cowboy and I don’t smoke. However, my wanderlust and adventurous spirit are unbroken. As a teenager, I had pen pals all over the world, especially in the USA. Now my job as a journalist allows me to reconcile these two passions.

Since 2019, I have been commuting between Germany and the United States. After a few weeks in my apartment in Berlin, I’m turning my back on the capital – heading west, albeit no longer to the “Wild West”. My favorite destination: Small Town America. And the vast and pristine nature that the USA offers – and that I miss in Germany. Then, on the other side of the Atlantic, I read and hear German news. I see one country as an outsider and my country from outside.

Unlike employed foreign correspondents who are based in the big cities, I travel across the USA – by bus, train and only rarely by plane. I stay longer in one place, get to know the locals, their neighbors and friends. I usually interview the protagonists of my stories myself and conduct research on location. As a freelance journalist, I can tell my own stories – I do this with a lot of curiosity and interest in my subjects.

Media Awards

  • 2010  Children’s Emergency Aid (Kindernothilfe) Media Award for the report “Young Souls, Cheap Goods” about child sex tourism in the Philippines


  • 2023 RIAS Media Award for the radio feature “Putting an end to victimhood” about the initiative Black Guns Matter in Philadelphia, USA
  • 2018 Juliane-Bartel-Media Award for the radio feature “Education was more important to us than our lives” or “Do I have to wear an apron as a woman in Germany?” about three generations of German Turkish women
  • 2014 Juliane-Bartel-Media Award for the radio feature “The shame that remains” about raped women and their children in Eastern Congo


  • 2001 „Freiräume – Lebensträume. Arabische Filmemacherinnen” (Free Spaces – Life Dreams. Arab Women Filmmakers), arte Edition
  • 2005 “Encyclopedia of Arab Women Filmmakers”, Cairo/New York

Conception and realization of events

  • 1995 Film weeks “Frauen(t)räume – Filme arabischer Regisseurinnen” (Women’s spaces and dreams – films by Arab women directors at the Arsenal Cinema and Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of the Cultures of the World) in Berlin
  • 1990-1992 Various educational campaigns, cultural weeks and an exhibition as part of the GTZ’s Aswan Urban Development Project