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Like a pearl in children’s radio

On the first anniversary of the death of children’s radio author Brigitte “Gitti” Czirr.

One year ago, the journalist Brigitte Czirr passed on.

Brigitte “Gitti” Czirr ©private

Brigitte “Gitti” Czirr

Born 1955 – November 25, 2022

To mark the first anniversary of her death, I am posting three of her radio features with the kind permission of her family.

Her passion as a journalist was for the phenomena of everyday culture. Whether paper, flour, straw or holes – Brigitte Czirr knew how to explain the world to children. And adults could also learn a lot from her radio stories.

Her features and reports for the children’s radio program “Kakadu” (Cockadoo) of Deutschlandradio (German Radio) were colorful and funny, cheeky to curious, always elaborately produced and garnished with lots of music. Brigitte Czirr has received several awards for her ingenuity, the artistic dramaturgy and her child-friendly implementation also of complex topics. In 2003, for example, she received the Journalism Prize of the German Nutrition Society in the radio category for her feature “Stulle, Bemme oder Schnitte – unser täglich Brot” (“Meals, bread or sandwiches – our daily bread”).

In the early hours of November 25, 2022, Gitti Czirr, as we friends called her, died of a chronic illness. She was 67 years old. I miss her.

Soul board ©private
Gitti Czirr in the recording studio, 1989 ©private
“Alte Dinge” (Old things), 2007 ©Gitti Czirr
“Bionik” (Bionics), 2009 ©Gitti Czirr
“Sitzen bleiben” (Stay seated), 2012 ©Gitti Czirr
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