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Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her new book “Prey”

The political scientist is convinced that Muslim immigration endangers women’s rights

Book review Austrian Radio ORF / Ö1, Kontext, 2021/04/30

For more than two years, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and a team of academic assistants evaluated statistics, police reports and court records, and interviewed experts from the judiciary, police, academia and practice. She found that of the roughly 1.5 million people from Islamic countries who have applied for asylum in Europe since 2015, two-thirds are male. And 80 percent of them are under 35. In national crime statistics, they are disproportionately represented as offenders, especially in sexual offenses. Ayaan Hirsi Ali rejects the frequent argument that these are isolated cases. Rather, the men bring these behavioral patterns with them from their country of origin. In their jargon, gang rapes are called “rape games”.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali calls for a drastic reform of the European asylum system. Only a modernized immigration and integration policy could avert collapse, she said. Europe will have to decide: Does it want open borders or a welfare state? The two together would not work.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali does not fear that her proposals could play into the hands of right-wing populists. On the contrary, she says, an effective immigration and integration policy would deprive right-wing parties of the breeding ground for xenophobic arguments. Only one thing needs to be in place: the political will to change course.

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