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Free Julian Assange

The ruling could come any day now. And what does the EU say?

Lasst Julian Assange frei (Free Julian Assange) ©Guido de Gyrich

Whistleblower Chelsea, aka Bradley Manning, has long since returned to freedom, while Julian Assange has had to fight for his freedom for thirteen years. The High Court in London will now decide on his extradition. Last week, there was still a debate in the EU Parliament. More here.

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Exception to animal welfare?

Breeding and “use” of houndogs in Spain under scrutinyl

The EU Commission is planning a regulation to improve the protection of dogs and cats as pets. Will houndogs like the Galgo in Spain benefit from this – or will these sensitive greyhounds continue to be exempt from animal protection? More here.

Blue Ribbons for Israel

USA: Campaign in remembrance of the Hamas hostages in Gaza

More than 120 people in Gaza are still being held hostage by Hamas. The nationwide “Blue Ribbons for Israel” campaign in the USA aims to remember them. There are also various regional initiatives. More here.

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From Germany and the USA
6th calender week 2024

+++ Policewomen have to pat down men +++ U.S. House Representatives condemn sexual violence by Hamas +++ No more animals for merry-go-rounds? +++ Ukrainian basketball player victim of knife violence +++ Former US Secretary of Energy critizes Germany’s energy policy +++ More here.

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“The world is big, and you’ll never arrive.”

Phillip Soupault

On the Road

Only in spirit at the moment. Although… Two next stops in the USA are already planned. There’s still a bit of time. Maybe I’ll take a look around Spain first and visit some of the dedicated people there who rescue and look after maltreated Galgos and other native greyhounds.

Animal rights activists around the world are fighting against a global – and very lucrative – industry of cruel exploitation of all greyhound breeds: greyhound racing including an online betting system, hare coursing, the sale of “retired” hounds for animal testing and meat markets.

The Galgo, a Spanish greyhound breed, has become a symbol of this fight. Meet some of the Galgo protection associations in Spain and Germany. On the right is the international network Free the Galgo. Below you will find four other animal protection associations (a click takes you to their websites).
I will continually introduce more organizations, including from other countries.